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How to Stop Smoking

How to stop smokin

How to stop smoking.

Now a days we are having an experience to “Smoking”. Adults are smoking, ladies are smoking, childes are smoking, almost everyone one is smoking around us. Smokes coming from Cigarettes, Pipes, cars mills and factories. Some sources rare to mention. More especially we are receiving smokes directly with Cigarettes to our lunches. It is really wonderful to have a cigarette. It helps you to be smart and some time it gives you a little relief of boring time (Irony).  My girlfriend loves to see me while I smoke. After passing couple of hour she told me you smell badly and left me. This is a short view of long happening.

Starting of smoking was thrilling surprisingly to those people who are suffering for several diseases of it today. I was a smoker and took so many packets of cigarettes in my life. In a single day I used to take more than 15 to 18 cigarettes. I felt lunch related problems. It took my stamina very quickly. It took my brightness of my face. I made me short tempered and frustrated. It makes me less confident. I makes me isolated from my family because my family does not accept a smoker. Actually I am pretty much imbalanced today. My writing is not too much organized only because of smoking. My sex life was also disturbed by smoking. I was totally collapse in my life……………….. (How to stop smoking)

How to stop smoking

How to stop smoking,How to stop smoking,How to stop smoking

My friend do not be too much smart to show that you can smoke. Do not be too much cleaver to preach that you are in a world of thrill and fantasy. Tobacco and cigarettes are making you weaker to weaker and later you will reach a place of coffin to sleep eternally. No one will be able to catch you or will be able to help to make you happy. I am really grateful to my previous friends who have rejected me only because of smoking. They left me, scold me, later they hate me. It strange that I still miss them. If they did not hate me, it was not easy to stop smoking. (How to stop smoking, How to stop smoking, How to stop smoking, How to stop smoking)

Now my life is colorful and I am happy with my sweet wife. She helps me, advices me, stays with me, loves me, takes care of me as if I could leave smoking. She stays all the time and makes me happy with her love and good wishes. Now she is my only one best friend. She is my gift of God. How to stop smoking How to stop smoking, How to stop smoking, How to stop smoking, How to stop smoking.

How to stop smokingDear friends, this is an example of my life, may be you also have one who loves you, cares you, wishes you and expects for the better life. That person really loves you. Please stop smoking and stay in a crowd who do not like to smoke. Go for a walk in morning. Do some cardio based exercise. Have huge quantity of water and honey. Stay with your MOM or parents, wife, best friend, brothers and sisters. Feel that you are also a part of a family. Feel that God has given you a very good body and stay calm. Ask yourself that you also deserve to have love, to be liked, to be strong enough to work hard. How to stop smoking, How to stop smoking, How to stop smoking, How to stop smoking, How to stop smoking.

How to stop smoking

An apology, maybe I am not a well blog writer or organized to belch my feeling to those people who smokes, but my wish that you guys can understand the main fact of smoke. This is completely my personal feeling. Please forgive me for my mistakes. EMU (

How to make Money Online

Dear reader “How to make money online” is a very common question on the planet now. Is it really true?  I will say, downloadabsolutely (100%) true. There are so many options to earn money online. If you ask me how?  I will say, no one will give you money for free as there is a proverb “There is no lunch for free in the world”. Yes my friend to earn money online you need to sell something. It can be your labor, product, service etc. So what’s about you and your income? If you really want to earn money online, first of all you have to have a very good desire to work for yourself. You can at your home. Your home job will be more effective. You need to learn how to do it then do some practical demonstration to check your skill. If you find yourself above average efficient then go for work. Remember there are so many works to do online. Sales, marketing, Graphics Design, Accounting, management, Leading, Painting, reading, writing, research, consultancy, assistance, everything and everything. One more thing is very important that you will not be able to be expert of all everything. Find a most interesting and easy to learn for you. It can be Sales, It can be marketing, It can IT related or truism related or anything. Take time to fix it for your career. Have a very good attraction to learn and to be more efficient then again I will say get training for that specific category then go for it with complete dedication. Forget how difficult it is to learn and how much time it will take. Just make sure that you are interested and desired.

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Internet is the best source to learn.

After taking decision go for learning your specific area. Search on GOOGLE, YOUTUBE, read so many articles find tutorials and then test yourself every week to measure your skill. To take a proper decision you can search online for so many categories. I am going to share my story. I was doing a customer care job for 2 years but I found that the income is not enough for me. My every day expenses are not managed properly. Then I decided to work more. But most of the time I need to stay at my office so there is no more time to work anywhere for sure. After having so many branches for research I decided to work for Affiliate Marketing. Someone can ask me why do you select Affiliate Marketing for online income? So my answer will be it suits me and it’s easy to learn for me. I do not know how to do programming, how to do graphic Design, accounting, etc. I have taken so many training for free on internet and research to learn affiliate marketing then I have demonstrated to check my skill and now I am working.  Remember one thing “ I am still learning affiliate marketing.

So dear friend please do not waste your time by thing that is it really true? Or not let’s start for online income.

Do not forget to ask me any question to know, please. I will try to answer for